Canvas Prints – Metallic

Looking for that extra dimension for your print
Printed, stretched and ready to hang.


  • Pre Wedding
  • Family photos
  • Landscapes
  • Art work



Metallic Canvas Prints

Metallic canvas has a pearlesence cover which adds another dimension to the canvas finish.
The choice of print is important in order to take advantage of canvas properties.


Epson latest S80600 64″ 9 colour printer

Roll sizes

The following roll sizes are available
54″ and 60″

Stretcher bars

Profile 30x30mm – 3m lengths finger-joint pine
Cut onsite to order.

Timber Floating Frame for Canvas

Available in Natural and Black

Metallic Pearl finish
Abrasion resistant surface
Wide colour gamut
Can be stretched without cracking
Poly-cotton blend
No lamination required


Physical Properties Result Unit
Weight – Metallic Canvas 310 gsm
Thickness 17 mil
Ink type Eco Solvent


All prices include GST
Unless otherwise stated, all sizes are in inches
Sizes depicted are only a sample of what can be manufactured
All prices are subject to change without notification.
Volume and Trade discounts available, subject to approval.

Finished size Price Floating Frame
12×18 $95.96 + $80.89
16×20 $122.07 + $99.80
16×24 $138.48 + $112.16
20×30 $190.00 + $149.59
30×40 $324.47 + $220.00
40×60 $582.37 + $345.09